Tigers News · September Student-Athletes of the Month

Lia Reid, Grade 12, Volleyball

4.19 GPA

Lia exhibits excellent communication skills with peers and adults.  She demonstrates loyalty, work ethic, perseverance and commitment to team every day.  She is true to her convictions and as reliable as they come.  Lia was severely injured the 2nd day of tryouts due to an accident and has spent the last 4 weeks in PT and rehab with the goal of being able to play her senior year.  Although sidelined, Lia has shown up to every practice, game and tournament with the team ready to work and contribute what she could.  Some days that meant rehab, some days it was shagging balls… but regardless of the task, she was invested, present and looked to for inspiration.  Lia played for the first time last week, nearly halfway through the season, but weeks ahead of schedule, due to her diligence in recovery and being part of the team daily.  Lia is such a valuable asset to the team and program.  In addition to volleyball, Lia is equally committed to school, community, and her church.

Nathan Waldal, Grade 12, Water Polo

4.27 GPA

Nathan was voted captain by his teammates and leads the team in and out of the water.  He recently took charge of finding players to man the entry table at our last two-day tournament.  He also helped organize cleanup for the Night of the Moon Cultural Center fundraiser.  In return, the Cultural Center gives NHS Water Polo its ballroom space for the annual banquet.  Nathan sets a great example for his teammates.  He counsels and coaches players and leads the cheers for the girls during their games.  He also serves the team by cleaning the locker room every day.  Nathan is hard-working, honest, and a joy to have in the program.  He is an excellent student and role model.