Tigers News · October Student-Athletes of the Month

Tori Petersen, 12-Volleyball 3.7 GPA

Tori is one of the most important parts of our program.  She leads by example, both on and off the court. Her quiet intensity is matched by her timely ability to put her teammates at ease, when they start to doubt themselves.  She has developed leadership skills that not only help us be successful, but push her towards success in life.

Tyler Takahashi, 12-Football, 4.13 GPA

Tyler is one of the top leaders in our program.  Ironically, he is also one of the unsung heroes too.  Tyler’s quiet determination and selfless attitude keeps the Tigers focused on staying together, as a team.  As a result of his consistency in always putting his teammates first, they have ultimate trust that he will get the job done and that he will have their backs, every step of the way.  Tyler has been the “Player of the Week” two weeks in a row.  He is a first class individual.